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Temporal dynamics of the host molecular responses underlying severe COVID-19 progression and disease resolution

Ong EZ, Kalimuddin S, Chia WC, Ooi SH, Koh CWT, Tan HC, Zhang SL, Low JG, Ooi EE, Chan KR,  EBioMedicine, 65, 103262. 

Antibody-Dependent Dengue Virus Entry Modulates Cell Intrinsic Responses for Enhanced Infection

Chan CYY, Low JZH, Gan ES, Ong EZ, Zhang SL, Tan HC, Chai X, Ghosh S, Ooi EE, Chan KR, mSphere, 4, 5.

Metabolic perturbations and cellular stress underpin susceptibility to symptomatic live attenuated yellow fever infection.

Chan KR, Gan ES, Chan CY, Liang C, Low JZ, Zhang SL, Ong EZ, Bhatta A, Wijaya L, Lee YH, Low JG, Ooi EE, Nature Medicine, 25, 8, 1218-1224.

Early molecular correlates of adverse events following yellow fever vaccination.

Chan CY*, Chan KR*, Chua CJ, Nur Hazirah S, Ghosh S, Ooi EE (2017), JCI Insight, 2, 19. *Co-first authors

Cross-reactive antibodies enhance live attenuated virus infection for increased immunogenicity.

Chan KR, Wang XH, Saron WAA, Gan ES, Tan HC, Mok DZ, Zhang SL, Lee YH, Liang C, Wijaya L, Ghosh S, Cheung YB, Tannenbaum SR, Abraham SN, St John AL, Low JG, Ooi EE (2016), Nat Microbiol, 1, 16164.

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