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Worth spending the time?

Sometimes, one may wonder why we are spending so much time and effort to make, or troubleshoot codes. I thought this diagram can best illustrate this point. If the work is done repetitively or takes a long while to do, it is probably worth the effort the automate this process, not only to save time but also increase reproducibility. So when coding fails, do not give up, because in a larger scheme of things, you are actually saving or even helping others save precious time 🙂

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Bioicons: A BioRender alternative

Scientific illustration showing how transcriptomics, coupled with machine learning, can potentially accelerate the development of drugs against these deadly viruses. Drawing done with bioicons.

Scientific illustrations are a great way of driving key messages in your research. BioRender has been one of the best tools for creating beautiful scientific figures. In this entry, I recommend bioicons, an alternative to BioRender, with more than 1500 scientific vector art images that allows easy manipulation using Photoshop or Illustrator.