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Certificate of completion: Data visualization fundamentals with python

Certification of completion for data visualisation fundamentals by Dataquest

Happy to have completed the course on data visualisation fundamentals by Dataquest. Key packages required are:

import numpy as np
import pandas as pd
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import seaborn as sns

numpy and pandas packages are important for storing and manipulating datasets, as well as for performing calculations for correlation. matplotlib.pyplot package is useful for plotting scatterplots, histograms and cumulative frequency distributions. Finally seaborn package is can plot multi-dimensional data involving multiple variables. The nitty gritty details of how to change to settings of graphs, such as adding graph titles, changing x or y-axis ticks, rotation of labelling, sizes of symbols and colours are also covered in this course. Satisfied with the learning experience, which is definitely much more important than the certificate itself. To all others trying to learn coding like me, Gambatte!

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