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My experience with Dataquest for learning Python

Learning a programming language can be challenging, especially without guidance or mentorship. Recently, due to my interest in creating JupyterLab, I decided to leverage on online platforms to learn more about Python. Within a short period of time, I was able to narrow down to either Dataquest or DataCamp. Eventually, I chose Dataquest because:

  1. Dataquest allows selection of a career track that allows me to prioritise learning the essentials first.
  2. Have more open-ended questions allow better retaining of information and knowledge.
  3. Provides realistic datasets (especially dataframes) so that you can directly apply some of these codes to real-life scenarios.
  4. Contents given are engaging and interactive. You can also choose to skip sections that may not be of interest to your applications.

In summary, I have been learning from Dataquest for almost a week and was so satisfied with the course design that I bought the premium membership after a day of testing out. You may also consider using the referral address: to get $15 discount for the premium membership. This COVID-19 pandemic is probably the best chance to learn a new skill at your convenience and bioinformatics could be something of interest to you!

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